1940s Florida Gators Leather Football Helmet

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This is a Custom made leather football helmet Researched and specified by fans and thru images researched from old football magazines and yearbooks to mimic old Gators University of Florida colors. All Orange with Blue Straps... Also, the unusual 1930s Florida Historic Helmet was far different than the Present Florida Colors. Note: Prior to the late 1930s Florida also wore a plain Rust Cordovan Helmet (Red Grange Days) Also one with a Panel Wing on the Front. These plain helmets were worn when the jersey was the only distinguishing color factor. They also wore the early Beehive helmet, Flat Top Helmet, and Dogear Helmet pre -1920s styles (see these also on our site).  We also make this style in a mini. This great old style, in different color combinations, was also used by several other division II schools as well as some early factory Pro, College, and High School teams of the 30s and 40s eras too. A great gift or Sports commemorative award or Trophy for your football helmet history fan. This is a Custom helmet and takes a few extra days to complete so please order in advance to get it with this old beautiful aged combination of colors.