1940 Old Chicago / Tech Black Leather Helmet

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Also fits old North Western, Texas Tech, TCU, and many others. 1940 Old Chicago Bears Black Style leather Football helmet- this is the color the old 40s Bears wore... pre-1940s they wore an all-brown like our rust-colored cordovan helmet when Red Grange played for them...into the late 30s and 40s when players like Sid Luckman played fort hem they went to an all-black leather helmet. Which followed them into the 1950s when plastic helmets came into vogue. This is a large full-size helmet and will fit up to a size 8. Also, this all-black helmet fit many of the early college teams in the 1940s era. Hand made hand-sewn of fine aged and tanned leather this helmet makes a unique gift, award, or collectible that touches the early golden era of football and the old leather helmet teams both Pro and College.