1912-1930 Antique WaterMelon Football

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1912-1930 waterMelon Football-Here is a great football that has become extinct. It was larger than today's modern-day ball as it had more girth. It was the first ball used for passing in the game of football. One of its famous first uses was when Knute Rockne brought the passing game to football, for real, when he as a player, brought the forward pass to unknown Notre Dame and used it to beat nationally known and favored Army -35 to 13. That was the year when unknown ND entered the spotlight forever and the forward pass began its climb to being an incredible football weapon.  Approx-13 long bending width 23 circumference
So in 1913 the passing game was born and the watermelon football road supreme. This early football was a handful to grasp and pass. This is a beautiful replica football, handcrafted and hand-sewn by Past Time Sports. Specially aged and tanned leather to exactly recapture the rarest of all early footballs. Size and weight are perfect. Try to wrap your hand around it and throw a pass. You can do it but it is an experience when comparing this old-style ball with the streamlined look and feel of today's ball. It is made of a old-style leather which is specially tanned to give it that museum quality. This ball will send you back to the days of early teens, twenties, and 30s football.