1890-1930 Antique Style Laced Leather Basketball

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Laced leather Basketball Lighter brown 1890- 1915 - 1920s -1930s These are great replica balls as old balls that bounce are extinct. Ours are -Hand made, hand-stitched and hand-sewn of specially aged and tanned fine leather. They contain a bladder like the early balls. Bounce it, dribble it, shoot it !! Just like the early players did. Great for special Gifts, awards, commemoratives, or decor, for your game room, den or office. From 1891-1903 Basketball was mainly a passing game. The rounder ball was instituted gradually as the rule of dribbling ("a pass to oneself") was introduced in the early years and a rounder ball was easier to control. We have added a valve to re-inflate if the ball loses air- in the old days there was no valve at first the Ball had to be delaced and the bladder pulled out and inflated or replaced.